CCP Report from The Philippines

Rebecca B. Gomez and Pol (Paula) Guazon

Rebecca B. Gomez and Pol (Paula) Guazon

Results of a CCP Seminar

Since Rebecca B. Gomez came back from CCP training in Thailand, she has been so excited to use the new materials. Her area conference, named The Greenland Conference, has already planted several churches using CCP materials translated into Cebuano, the common language spoken in her area of The Philippines.

Rebecca has had the following resources translated: Mobilizing Members to Make Disciples, and the Chronological Bible materials. She notes, "Our main concern is how to organize the teaching of the materials in a systematic way." The lay leaders she is training find the materials very helpful. The Greenland Conference has the highest number of lay church planters!

Rev. Tereso Lanzon, Jr., with his team

Rev. Tereso Lanzon, Jr., with his team

Activating Lay Teams

Rev. Tereso Lanzon, Jr., superintendent of another conference, leads a team of lay leaders in planting churches to saturate their area. The lay leaders caught his vision of planting churches in every city district! The lay people's excitement is contagious and inspiring!

In October 2014, the Amparo Free Methodist Church launched church planting projects in three areas of Manila. They need encouragement to be more consistent and intentional as they face so many distractions.

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Catching the Vision

More and more members of the Free Methodist Church in The Philippines have caught the vision of saturating their areas with the Gospel and bringing more souls to Christ than ever before! Everywhere Bishop Allan Bacus goes, he talks about church planting and discipling churches.

Respecfully Submitted,

Paula Guazon
March 2015

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