Pray for Myanmar Flood Victims

Saving people and livestock.

Saving people and livestock.

Serious flooding devastated much of Myanmar (formerly Burma) in August.  Even with receding waters since then, the situation remains severe.  Please be in prayer for the people of Myanmar, especially for the faithful pastors and congregations of believers who work with CCP in the country.

A Report from the Field

One of the CCP leaders in Myanmar filed the following report about the torrential rains:

As 11 out of 14 states in Myanmar have been under the water due to the flood disaster, we are in hardship. Hundreds of people lost their lives, and thousands of people lost their houses and farms. Right now the flood waters are starting go down in upstream areas, but people have no house to go back to and flooding continues in the downstream areas.

Pastor Roy and his family in Arakan State were flooded 6 days ago. Starting late morning today, I could not contact him by phone because telecommunications were interrupted there. He had called me everyday until this early morning. He had told me that they didn't have any food or water. There is no food even to buy because their whole town has been underwater since 4 days ago.

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Pastor Joe is pastoring a village church in Chin state. He, his family, and the villagers are in a hard situation because of the flood conditions. Their church building and houses were damaged and torn into pieces by the strong rain and wind. So they have moved somewhere safer. 

As for Pastor Lui and his family in Chin state, his house was pushed aside and broken by a landslide the day before yesterday. So they moved to a town stadium together with his neighbors. 

We covenant families and friends held a prayer meeting, and have committed to contribute as much as we can for those brothers and sisters caught in the disaster. 

Dear brothers and sisters, I do request you to keep us in your prayers.

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