Fostering Spiritually Maturing Churches & Disciples of Jesus Christ


Community Church Planting (CCP) pursues the vision that all communities around the world would be populated with spiritually maturing disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. CCP works toward this end by mobilizing disciples to multiply disciples, pastors to multiply pastors, churches to multiply churches, and seminaries to graduate multiplying church-planter-trainers.

The CCP program seeks to facilitate church planting and discipling movements until the task of the Great Commission is completed by promoting first century church planting principles. These have led to churches multiplying daughter churches, and disciples multiplying disciples down through the generations.


CPP is working with an increasing number of partners around the world. An early partner was the Free Methodist Church, which authored the following video about their church planting experience with CCP:

CCP Video Introduction in English

CCP Video Introduction in Spanish

Multiplication and Discipleship DNA

CCP has an in-service training model in which student pastors receive theological and church planting training while they themselves develop new multiplying churches. These student pastors, in turn, train next-generation pastors who work to establish their next-generation churches.

With the initiation of new churches, a discipleship DNA is established that impresses on members a calling to multiply and fill the earth with new disciples of Jesus. 

“We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.” - John R.W. Stott

CCP's approach has facilitated the planting of churches in rural as well as intensely urban areas, and over a diverse span of cultures and languages on five continents.

statement of faith

CCP uses the Lausanne Covenant, undersigned in 1974 by Christian representatives from more than 150 nations, as its statement of faith.

Vision and Mission

Vision - To populate all communities with spiritually maturing churches.

Mission - To fulfill the vision by mobilizing disciples to multiply disciples, leaders to multiply leaders, and churches to multiply churches.

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