Flexible Collaboration

Collaboration requires that CCP come to understand the vision and ministry goals of partnering churches or organizations, and how these fit with the CCP methodology and expertise. Preliminary discussions via email and Skype pave the way for face to face discussion.

Attendees at a CCP mobilizing and vision casting conference in India.

Attendees at a CCP mobilizing and vision casting conference in India.

Mobilizing & Casting Vision

The nucleus of our mobilization ministry is the casting of vision to foster a climate of change for leaders to passionately embrace the current age of the church planting movement. For many, this requires the adoption of new perspectives and commitments. A pivotal paradigm shift is often required to help align partners with God’s vision and the Kingdom opportunities before us.

A move from the status quo to initiating rapid Kingdom multiplication will require many to embrace newfound ministry emphases. We need to revisit God’s growth and multiplication principles, and have the heart to create an appropriate climate for change that will empower both church leaders and members.  Appropriate processes, structures, systems, and a commitment to key Biblical principles are imperatives for rapid, sustainable multiplication.

Taking notes at a CCP seminar in The Philippines.

Taking notes at a CCP seminar in The Philippines.


An overview seminar takes place once the partner's leadership has endorsed the CCP vision and methodologies. This introductory seminar reviews the core Biblical principles and processes of the CCP approach. Topics that we cover are:

  • Platforms for launching church planting

  • Processes to be followed

  • Planning of projects

  • Mobilizing members

  • Training of pastors and leaders

  • Site selection and territory management for new church plants

  • Nine key CCP principles

  • Project monitoring and administration


Intentionality requires thorough planning and budgeting for the launch of church planting projects. CCP can share its experience and give guidance in the development and planning of new projects.


At the heart of a CCP project is a training-in-ministry philosophy, in which ministry partners train a new generation of multiplying pastors while those pastors establish new multiplying churches.  CCP makes available to its ministry partners a three year curriculum and pastoral training program that provide the foundation for CCP projects.


We suggest that partners appoint project coordinators to give oversight to their projects.  CCP can train and mentor these coordinators and offer on-going consultation.  Such training can be tailored to the particular needs of the coordinator and organization.

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