CCP Travels

As of October 2017, partners of CCP were actively planting churches in over 20 countries. That number has been growing annually as the Lord has led.

In addition to hosting online training sessions through Skype or other communications apps (click here for article), Bruce Bennett and other trained CCP associates are available to assist CCP ministry partners by traveling to regional or in-country venues.

CCP Seminar Participants, Hermosillo, Mexico

CCP Seminar Participants, Hermosillo, Mexico

Bruce Bennett at a CCP regional seminar, USA

Bruce Bennett at a CCP regional seminar, USA

Traveling to different parts of the world allows for the face-to-face contact that can help initiate and nurture relationships with new and existing CCP partners. In addition to holding in-country seminars, CCP organizes regional meetings in areas such as Southeast Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean, South America, North America, and Central America to promote the cross-training of CCP leaders from different countries.

Click here for an overview of some countries visited by CCP over the last couple of years.

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Regional seminar in Thessaloniki, Greece, January 2018.

If you are considering a ministry partnership with CCP or are already a partner that would like to discuss a visit by Bruce Bennett or another CCP associate, please click here to start a conversation.

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