New CCP Website Resources

Beginning in February 2018 the CCP website started offering an expanded set of publicly-available resources. Previously, many of the documents and videos on the site were password-protected. The new setup makes virtually all CCP documents and videos available to anyone without the need for a password.

To gain access to the expanded set of resources, select Curriculum, Documents, or Videos from the Resources tab in the main menu. Please refer to the figure below:

Selections from Resources menu.

Resources > Curriculum Page

Resources > Curriculum page.

 The Curriculum page provides an overview of the prototype curriculum offered through CCP. This approach is provided as a general guide for ministry partners, and can be modified for specific circumstances.

The page also contains links to many of the English-language documents that make up the curriculum.

Click here to navigate to the Curriculum page.


Resources > Documents Page

The Documents page provides access to the full library of CCP documents in a growing number of languages. The collection includes some legacy works from the Village Church Planting (VCP) initiative historically carried out in Africa.

The language with the most comprehensive set of resources is English. After selecting a language and topic, users can view and download individual documents on their electronic devices. The figures below show the main Documents page, the main English resources page, and the detail of Pastoral Training Course files available in English.

Click here to navigate to the Documents page.


Resources > Documents page.


Resources > Documents > English page.

Detail Page: Resources > Documents > English > Pastoral Training Course page.

Download the highlighted document by clicking on the Download icon.

On any detail page, click on a document's link to view its contents.  Or to download a document to your local device, highlight the document name and click on the Download icon (shown in figure at right).


Resources > Videos Page

The Videos page provides access to introductory, informational, and training videos in a number of languages. In the future, we hope to offer many additional video resources in additional languages.

Click here to navigate to the Videos page.

Resources > Videos page.

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