Online Video Training

Instruction in English and Spanish

A series of CCP training videos in English and Spanish is now available for viewing on the website. The recordings feature Bruce Bennett providing instruction in English and others translating the material into Spanish.

The following video is on "Persons of Peace" from Luke 10, and offers an example of the training contained in the series:

Persons of Peace
CCP Training in English and Spanish

The entire 28 part seminar covers many sessions of a multi-day CCP training event led by Bruce Bennett with Latin American leaders of the Free Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida, in January 2015.

The complete video training course is available in the password-protected Resources area of this website. If you do not have a password for the English or Spanish sections, please get in touch with us through the Contact Us page.

If you already have a password, the CCP training video series can be viewed either through the English or Spanish resources areas by clicking on the following links: