Proven resources in Multiple Languages

CCP provides a range of materials to support church planting initiatives. Taken as a whole, they comprise a solid foundation for discipleship, leadership training, and church planting.

The resources available through CCP include the following:

  • CCP Ministry Manual - This volume describes the structure and materials used by CCP for training church planters. Click here to download in English.
  • Pastoral Training Materials - Our CCP pastoral training materials comprise 6 manuals with 37 subjects, requiring 370 hours of classroom teaching.
  • Church Planting Training Materials - We use the OMEGA course developed by the Saturation Church Planting Alliance. It is made up of 5 manuals with 127 lessons on the practical aspects of church planting.
  • Mobilizing Members Program - This eight week program is used to mobilize church members to share the Gospel with families, friends and acquaintances. Click here to download in English.
  • Chronological Training Materials - This pictorial program has proven popular among both literate and illiterate societies, and gives a chronological overview of God’s Story. This was adapted from materials produced by Africa Outreach. Click here to download in English.
  • Teaching Aids - A collection of PowerPoint presentations that are used for casting CCP vision to church leaders.

Many of these resources are available in a range of languages.  The listing above contains the following public English documents that make up part of the CCP training program (click on the following links to download):


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