Extraordinary Leaders

In facilitating church planting projects in forty nations, we have met extraordinary leaders whom God has used mightily to spearhead Kingdom initiatives. These leaders, with different styles and gifts, speaking different languages, and working in different contexts and cultures, have embodied traits that produce astonishing results. As we identified and used these characteristics as a guide for selecting and training project leaders, we saw that these persons were also able to replicate Kingdom successes.     

These characteristics are:

  • Vision - A compelling image of and commitment to God’s future plans.

  • Call - God’s invitation to join him in a specific Kingdom ministry.

  • Faith - An unshakeable confidence in God and his Word.

  • Authority - The delegated power of Christ to permit that which is, and prohibit that which is not, of the kingdom of God.

  • Community - Maturing individually and corporately to embody the very fullness of Christ.

  • Hospitality - Showing kindness, welcome and generosity toward strangers.

  • Multiplication - A commitment to the rapid expansion of the kingdom of God.

  • Encouragement - Urging co-laborers to remain faithful to Christ and his cause.

  • Intentionality - Aligning community activities to ensure congruency with their call, vision, gifts, experience, and skills.

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